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Internationalization of Yunnan University


Since its foundation, Yunnan University has always attached great importance to internationalization of itself. In 1920s, when its precursor Private Donglu University was founded, the founder Mr. Tsang Jiyao pointed out that “Donglu University should be a university of East Asia, not a university of Yunnan Province.” During Mr. Xiong Qinglai’s presidency,   he focused on cultivating and introducing talents of international vision and attached great importance to international academic cooperation and exchange. This way, the University finally walked out of the Borderland into the world arena. In 1946, Yunnan University was listed by Concise Encyclopedia Britannica as one of the 15 world’s famous universities in China.

Since the reform and opening-up, Yunnan University has always considered the strategy of internationalization as one of the most important development strategies of the University. Since it was listed among the first universities to win the membership of “Project 211” in 1996, Yunnan University has followed the development trend of higher education in the world and has aimed at becoming a regional first-class university. It has sped up the internationalization of itself to implement the national policy guidelines and serve the economic and social development of Yunnan Province. In April 2012, Yunnan University issued a document about the internationalization of the University which formally designated internationalization to be an important development strategy.

After 90 years of development, the idea of internationalization has been rooted in Yunnan University and has become the engine and stage of our development and the tradition of the University. Now Yunnan Province ist actively involving itself in the national strategy, developing in a frog-leaping way to become a model province of national and ethnic solidarity, a pioneer of ecological conservation and the hub of South Asia and Southeast Asia.

After 90 years of searching and development, Yunnan University has made huge progress in internationalization.

A complete network of global partners:

Yunnan University has partners in more than 100 countries. It has established a “Korea-China Cultural Exchange Center” with Sookmyung Women’s University, a “Yunnan University Macquarie College” with Macquarie University in Australia, and a “Yunnan University-Tel Aviv University Innovation Center” with Tel Aviv University.

An active role in the national strategy, initial success in the construction of the South Asia and Southeast Asia Hub:

Taking advantage of its geographical position neighboring South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, Yunnan University plays an active role in regional education cooperation organizations. It is nominated by the MOE to be the Chinese secretariat of “China-ASEAN Rector’s Forum,” a member of ASEAN+3 University Network, GMSTEC, GMSARN and AUAP.

A system of country study:

Yunnan University boasts many country study institutes such as Southeast Asian Studies Institute, South Asian Studies Institute, GMS Research Center, Myanmar Studies Institute, Thai Studies Institute and so on. Meanwhile, Yunnan University will build up more country study centers. Apart from its Thai Language courses, Myanmar Language courses and Vietnamese Language courses, Yunnan University will provide more courses of South Asian Languages.

Yunnan University is building a South Asia and Southeast Asia International Communication College with China Radio International. This college will focus on cultivating high-quality South Asia and Southeast Asia-Oriented international communication talents.

A multi-level and far-going international student education system:

Yunnan University is the only university in Yunnan Province that offers the most scholarships and its beautiful campus as well as the pleasant weather in Kunming and its talented teachers are drawing more and more international students to study on its campuses. Yunnan University now has 1,600 international students of which 18.25% are scholarship recipients and 33.26% are degree candidates.

Yunnan University is one of the universities that recruit Chinese Government Scholarship international students, Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship international students, and South Asian Local Chinese Teachers Confucius Institute Scholarship students.

Yunnan University is carrying out a full-participation internationalization strategy which will enable the number of our international students to reach 3000 in 3 to 4 years. The University is also going to carry out joint degree programs at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level with South Asian and Southeast Asian universities.

Widen the vision of the students, cultivate talents with international vision:

Yunnan University is a participant of the “Sino-America 1+2+1 Dual Degree Program” and more than 40 student exchange programs with Universities in India (Visva-Bharati University), Greece, Germany (Saarland University) and France (Montpelier Business School). It also cooperates with Peking University and Taiwan University in community engagement. More than 300 students of the University go abroad for overseas experience every year.

An internationalized team of teachers:

Yunnan University strives to introduce high-end foreign teachers and experts. Meanwhile, it helps its teachers to apply for fund from the government to take part in training projects abroad. Now more than 50% of its teachers have had overseas training.

Yunnan University is a partner of American Fullbright Program. It is a host Tagore Chair Professor. Its Overseas Chinese Scholars have won prizes for many times and its foreign experts have many times won Provincial Governmental prizes.

In 2011, Yunnan University became one of the first local university to be granted funds of “University Subject Innovation Engineering Plan” and “High-level Overseas Young Talents.” The foreign talents and technology have intellectually supported the development of the University’s scientific research and widened the international vision of the teachers and executives in cultivating more internationalized talents. In the meantime, the University is cooperating with South Asian and Southeast Asian universities for recruiting Thai language, Vietnamese language and Myanmar language teachers.

Scientific and technological innovation plus cultural studies boosting international cooperation in scientific researches:

The University encourages its teachers and researchers to cooperate with international institutes and universities. Yunnan University has 10 articles published in the world’s famous academic journals like Nature and Science. Cooperating with University of Windsor, Canada, a Sino-Canadian Research Center of Plateau Lake has been set up. A “Yunnan University-Tel Aviv University Innovation Center” was established cooperating with Tel Aviv University. Yunnan University will find some South Asian and Southeast Asian Universities to cooperate with to establish some research centers and will gradually build up some technological innovation centers in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

Yunnan University will again help set up some Chinese Study Centers at South Asian and Southeast Asian universities and will invite some South Asian and Southeast Asian universities to set up cultural centers of their respective countries.

Confucius Institutes:

Yunnan University is cooperating with University of Teheran in Iran and University of Dhaka and Northsouth University in Bangladesh to build up 3 Confucius Institutes. In Mandalay, Myanmar, Yunnan University also has a Confucius Classroom. In India, Yunnan University is helping Visva-Bharati University to develop its Chine Bhavana. Yunnan University is more than happy to cooperate with South Asian and Southeast universities in establishing Confucius Institutes.

Yunnan University is now a Study Abroad Training Base of MOE, an Education Aid Base of MOE, a Training Base of International Software Talents and a Yunnan Provincial Cultivating Base of International Talents.

The University has invited many internationally famous scholars and experts, entrepreneurs as well as celebrities and politicians to give lectures at the University. The famous futurologist, author of China’s Megatrends, John Naisbitt, Roy J. Glauber, the Nobel Laureate of Physics, Ambassador of Finland Mr. Lars Backstrom, Orlando Ayala, Corporate Vice President and Chairman of Emerging Businesses at Microsoft, the former American Ambassador Kai Fai Lok and the Venerable Master Hsing Yun have all lectured at Yunnan University.

Looking into the future, Yunnan University will continue to enhance its academic strengths, improve its education quality, strengthen its research capacity and social services, promote its cultural inheritance and innovation capability to become a regional first-class university that is “best in China, and famous throughout the world.”